Aerial view of Greenhouse vent windows

To be successful in today's marketplace, every technological advantage needs to be utilized to grow, pack  and deliver fresh quality food.  Let us share with you some of the highlights of how we employ technological advantages at Exeter Produce and Storage.

Field Growing Automation Systems
From our 3,000 acres of farmland, 1,400 acres is under cultivation to produce field crops. We pay close attention to every input to grow profitably in environmentally responsible ways.  Our tractors have the latest on board computer systems. The main features are:
o    GPS control over land coverage to ensure no overlap or missed sections
o    Integrated application of seed and nutrients controlled and measured through automatic application servos.
o    Data collection of chemical and fertilizer application records required for food safety compliance
o    Automated Drip Irrigating for field peppers
o    Plant monitoring by Rut pressure for irrigation needs for field peppers
o    Continual monitoring of the performance and mechanical health of the equipment including internet connectivity to allow remote technical adjustments and diagnosis
o    The Operations Manager is able to remotely supervise all mechanized farming activities from his office or by tablet

Picture of greenhouse control system panel boxGreenhouse Control Systems
Our 22 acre hydroponic greenhouse operation requires professional care to yield produce nine months of the year.  Here are some of the technological systems we utilize:
o    Automated Climate Management
o    Nutrient monitoring and management
o    Automated control over irrigation
o    Automated sizing and pack line controls
o    Continuous monitoring of physical performance and health of the mechanical aspects of the greenhouse equipment
o    Automated notification of any trouble codes with full remote access to allow for 24/7 response.

Advanced Field Pepper Pack Systems
The system includes:
o    Automated washing
o    System sorting and sizing
o    Custom pack lines selected by various criteria
o    Automated case labeling according to product specs
o    Automated pallet stacking and shrink strapping
With this type of technology, sorting and sizing errors are substantially reduced.

We use Famous Software Systems

This is an Integrated Accounting and Management Information System including production and inventory tracking that exceed all Product Traceability Compliance standards.

We also use Orange Software Systems

This is an Advanced Labour Tracking and Productivity Management System