What it takes to be cool…at Exeter Produce

Exeter Produce Bean Cooler

The bean cooler at Exeter Produce has just enjoyed a major renovation to meet the challenge of high hydro prices and the exacting cooling needs of a bean crop. Consistent temperature at just the right level means better quality bean produce can be offered to consumers.
Included in the renovation is an upgrade in insulation accompanied with the installation of new energy efficient cooling units.  To save even more energy, the cooler design includes the use of cool outside air available during the spring and fall seasons. Energy savings are also achieved with the installation of a fabric on the doorway that can open and close in seconds.  This keeps the cooler temperature inside where it belongs, and enhances bean produce quality. 
This kind of quality is further enhanced with a newly designed box we call ‘pre-cooling boxes” which are built using packboard with a ¼ plastic lining.  These containers are placed in pre-cooling units fitted with a turbine that sucks air through the beans to cool them down fast.  This prevents ‘warm nesting” within the bean containers that could possibly host fungis diseases. The quality is further enhanced with the use of an Ethylen filter that captures bacterium that may be present in the air.
Exeter Produce estimates an energy saving of 30% for the door installation and the upgraded insulation.  There is also a 15-20% energy savings for the new energy efficient cooling units.  We are happy to have achieved an environmentally friendly solution to deliver better quality product to North America’s table plates!

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