Welcome to the Team!

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Exeter Produce is proud to welcome our two newest team members, John Beardsley and Dr. Alex Bome.

John Beardsley joined Exeter Produce and Storage in December of 2016 as their in house crop specialist. John is a crop science graduate from the University of Guelph and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from the Ontario Agriculture industry. John has specialized in plant nutrition and plant health in an enviromentally sustainable way for many years.

Dr. Alex Bome, Ph.D joined Exeter Produce and Storage in December of 2016. Alex worked over ten years as Senior Researcher in the Vavilov Institute in Russia, doing applied agricultural research including both field and lab experiments. He then moved to continue research in Ecuador, South America. Since arriving in canada Alex has been in Farm management in Saskatchewan followed by joining our team as senior Farm manager here at Exeter Produce.